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No more boring coffee carafes!

By David / March 29, 2017

Image Credit: Michal Parzuchowski | unsplash.comThere are a lot of boring coffee carafes out there that look like they just trudged out corporate hell, but what you use in your home doesn’t have to. A few companies in particular are creating some interesting coffee carafes that caught our eye. BonNoces  With a certain vintage flair, the BonNoces […]


Bulk coffee deals on Amazon right now.

By David / March 26, 2017

We drink a lot of coffee. A LOT. So we know how important it is to make that coffee-to-dollar ratio work in your favor. In the spirit of more coffee for less dinero, check out these coffee deals: A basic cup of good joe: If you’re in the mood for inexpensive, solid coffee without the […]


Top K-Cups for Autumn Sipping

By David / October 21, 2012

Image Credit: JustyCinMD | Creative Commons Cooler days are here, along with the rich scents and tastes of autumn! Coffee in the fall holds a special place in our hearts and, like the changing leaves and crisp days, is something to be savored. Here are our top five K-Cups to sip as the season changes: […]


A Fairtrade cup of coffee that goes anywhere.

By David / October 20, 2012

It’s coffee, it’s a bag. and it’s Fairtrade. What more could your next camping trip ask for? Grower’s Cup has come up with a interesting, all-in-one brewing system that is reminiscent of the French Press, less the press. We couldn’t help think of space station food-in-a-tube technology, but the idea intrigued us enough to investigate […]


The Economics of Coffee

By David / October 16, 2012

This Mint.com infographic is a little older, but still has some great numbers. Of particular interest are the monthly transactions per individual. Seattle and San Jose in the top spots should be no surprise, however what is surprising is how underrepresented the Northeast is on this map. At the very least, we would have expected […]


Drink Coffee…Live Long?

By David / October 16, 2012

Image Credit: VintageGoodies | Etsy.com At least that is what one study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine found. The study examined death rates of over 400,000 thousand participants over a 13 year period, and found that when data was controlled for things like smoking and other risky behaviors, the coffee-drinking participants […]


Hand Grinders: A Handy Guide

By David / October 15, 2012

Image credit: MKFI (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Hand grinders are by nature simple and straightforward. They combine the best of manual coffee grinding with the benefits of more advanced grinding mechanics. Simple to use, nearly indestructible, and small enough to go anywhere, they enable you to have that freshly ground cup wherever […]


The Grind: Converting Coffee Beans Into Happiness

By David / October 6, 2012

Image credit: Pen Waggener/Creative Commons Much has been said about the proper way to grind coffee. The most obvious debate is, of course, to grind or not to grind. Purists will scoff at the idea of pre-ground coffee, opting for freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee each time. More casual coffee drinkers have their favorite […]


Great Coffee Infographic

By David / October 2, 2012

Source:LiveScience I love this coffee infographic from LiveScinece. Some of these numbers are mind-boggling! Equally intriguing is this ‘coffee chart’ from popchartlap.com:


Amazon Coffee Sale!

By David / October 1, 2012

Image by VectorArts.net, Creative Commons Just saw these deals and had to post them! One of our favorite coffees is currently on sale in k-cup form: Wolfgang Puck’s Breakfast In Bed. This is a Amazon Warehouse deal, which means the product is nearing its ‘must sell by’ date and they are discounting the normal price. […]

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