No more boring coffee carafes!

By David / March 29, 2017
Yellow Caraffe. Photo Credit: Michal Parzuchowski

Image Credit: Michal Parzuchowski |

There are a lot of boring coffee carafes out there that look like they just trudged out corporate hell, but what you use in your home doesn't have to. A few companies in particular are creating some interesting coffee carafes that caught our eye.


 With a certain vintage flair, the BonNoces line provides an interesting take on the usually boring existence of a coffee carafe. Sometimes subtly beautiful, like the European Style pearl white carafe​.

pearl coffee carafe

Or the more bold look of this double-walled silver and black :

Or perhaps a hint of the Far East with this BonNoces diamond-accented piece with gilding :


Eva Solo

For cleaner, more contemporary lines, the Eva Solo company has put out this Danish-made ultra modern glass flask vacuum jug with an integrated heat indicator:

Also by Eva Solo is this wide-based carafe  with a minimalistic and beautiful shape:

Alfi Carafes

If you are after a little more color the Alfi Carafes company probably has something more to your liking. They have crafted a line of creative and colorful carafes like the Alfi Gusto in Apple Green:


On a similar note, Alfi also makes this gild-and-purple vacuum carafe that is both beautiful and unique:

Maybe it is high time to toss that ugly carafe that looks like it came straight from the set of The Office after all?  Happy sipping!

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